02.18.2015 : Back in stock! Our reorder of our exclusive Hypnotic Gems brand of tumbled and rough Shungite has finally arrived! If you have been waiting for this material to come back into stock order fast because we were limited on how much we could receive. We do have another order scheduled to arrive but it won't be until August which will contain four different sizes of Shungite so if you need larger pieces we will soon have them available!

Hypnotic Gems Rough Shuntite

Hypnotic Gems Tumbled Shungite

02.02.2015 : Hypnotic Gems has just added another 9000 sq ft of warehouse space and purchased CNC Machinery to manufacture stone spheres, hearts, pyramids, eggs, and other stone shapes. By using CNC (computer controlled) machinery we are able to produce extremely high quality consistent stone shapes at a very reasonable price. Keep an eye out for the first of these new products to become available the second quarter of 2015.

12.15.2014 : Hypnotic Gems is proud to announce that we are now a partner in the Polones e Brilho Tumbling Factory! This partnership allows us to provide the best quality tumbled stones at the most competitive prices worldwide. We are also updating and enhancing all of the previous mixes that have come from this factory in the past, adding new materials, using higher grade rough with more vibrant natural colors and using our proprietary tumbling techniques to provide a superior polish and luster to all the tumbled stones produced.

To produce the best quality stones doesn't come cheap, and we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in researching and developing new proprietary technologies that make this spectacular quality possible. By using custom grit formulas, custom polishes, and a combination of drum and vibratory tumblers at the proper phases of production, the Polones e Brilho Tumbling Factory has become a pioneer in the tumbling industry with a quality that far surpasses the competition.

If you are a shop owner or reseller interested in tumbled stones from our factory you can contact our wholesale division at 330.400.8741 to request wholesale pricing information.

22 Stone Types Conatining
Only Natural Stones
(HG-15-25 - 0.75" to 1")
(HG-25-35 - 1" to 1.5")
(HG-35-45 - 1.5" to 1.75")
(HG-45-55 - 1.75" to 2")
(HG-55-65 - 2" to 2.5")
Vibrant Natural and Dyed
Tumbled Stone Mix
(HG-15-25-DN - 0.75" to 1")
(HG-25-35-DN - 1" to 1.5")
(HG-35-45-DN - 1.5" to 1.75")
(HG-45-55-DN - 1.75" to 2")
(HG-55-65-DN - 2" to 2.5")
28 Material Types Available in Multiple Grades to Satisfy
Every Need and Budget

Rose Quartz shown in Image
Custom Sizes Available
from 1/4" to 2.5" per stone
Our Production Line for Hand
Bagging a Custom Assortment

08.10.2014 : Hypnotic Gems has just received a new shipment with over 35,000 pounds of stones from Asia. These materials are spectacular and take the total number of stone types that we carry to over 175 different types of materials!
Rough Pink Petalite
Lapis Lazuli Grade 1
Indian Unakite
Chamki Ruby in Green Kyanite
Red Carnelian

04.22.2014 : Hypnotic Gems has just received our third container from Madagascar with 29 different stone types and over 40,000 pounds in stones. Following are just a few of the many types that are available. For retail customers you can see the entire variety of materials available by browsing through our Amazon Storefront, and for wholesale customers you can contact our wholesale division at 330.400.8741 to request pricing information.
Hypnotic Madagascar Mix
Clear Quartz Chunk Rough
Indian Unakite
Labradorite Rough
Neon Blue Apatite