Hypnotic Gems

Welcome to Hypnotic Gems! We are the manufacturers of the Hypnotic Gems™ brand of rocks, gems, and minerals which are known worldwide as some of the finest stones for faceting, cabbing, tumbling, wire wrapping, reiki, and the metaphysical.

We only sell 100% NATURAL tumbled stones using many of Hypnotic Gem's™ proprietary tumbling techniques which provide a superior shine and luster. Our rough is hand selected from specific mines due to the materials top quality color and energy. When you compare these stones to others on the market you can see the difference in the quality this careful selection of the rough materials provides! The energy with these stones is amazing and we have found no others anywhere in the world that are so positively charged!

The Hypnotic Gems™ brand also offers many of these hand selected rough materials to our customers who want only the finest quality stones with the most pure energy.

We are currently working on our new website containing over 500 different items and should have it online very soon.

In the meantime you can see many of our offerings on Amazon by entering "Hypnotic Gems" into the title bar. Make sure when you order you select the seller of Hypnotic Gems for our branded stones, since Amazon has multiple others selling fraudulent stones while using our brand name. We are working with them to resolve this issue but in the meantime as long as the seller of the product you are purchasing is Hypnotic Gems you are guaranteed to receive only our hand selected, top quality stones.

If you have any questions you can contact us at energy @ hypnoticgems.com and we will do our best to help you.