Tumbled Crystal Quartz "A" Grade from Brazil

Tumbled Crystal Quartz "A" Grade from Brazil

  • $13.99

The Hypnotic Gems® brand of tumbled stones uses only the finest quality high energy rough from specific mines. They are tumbled using a specialized proprietary technique in our own tumbling factory. This technique increases the stones energy and gives the stones from Hypnotic Gems® their spectacular beauty!

Metaphysical Properties: Clear Quartz is considered one of the most powerful and versatile healing stones among all crystal types. This material is able to work on any condition and also helps other stones magnify and amplify their power and energy. Clear quartz protects against negativity, helps to relieve pain and attunes one to their higher self. If one's aura is weak, clear quartz will help to strengthen the aura and enhance it's power. It helps with one's spiritual growth and is used to cleanse and align all of the chakras. Clear quartz can be programmed to emit its energies and magnify energetic vibrations all around it.

**STONE GRADING: Many of the Hypnotic Gems tumbled stones are available in multiple grades. With our grading system the higher the grade of stone the better quality of rough that is used and the longer they are polished to produce a superior shine and luster. Our grading is based on a 4 point checklist and a proprietary tumbling method. We take great care in properly grading our stones and do not just assign a grade arbitrarily.

Please note that as earth mined stones there may be some imperfections or blemishes that can still show even after being tumbled regardless of grade. Due to natural characteristics some materials tumble smoother than others. Every piece is unique and all pieces received will not be the exact same size, shape, color or look identical as seen in our images. What we do guarantee is that every piece will be spectacular and contain a strong positive energy that can only be found in the Hypnotic Gems® brand of tumbled stone.