Natural Tumbled Apache Tears Grade from Mexico

  • $35.99

The Hypnotic Gems® brand of Apache Tears are from Mexico and contain only the finest quality high energy rough from a specific mines. They are tumbled naturally due to the environment and have not been processed by man in any way other than to mine and collect the stones. These are superior grade natural stones which have an amazing energy and spectacular beauty!

Metaphysical Properties: Apache Tears are sometimes known as the "wizard stone" due to having been used since ancient times. It is a protective stone which helps to guard against negativity by easing tension especially in the home and workplace. Apache tears help to provide mental clarity during meditation allowing one to solve difficult life problems. They help to ground one to the earth by releasing negative energy that causes irritability, restlessness and nervousness.

Please note that as naturally tumbled stones there will likely be some imperfections or blemishes that will still show regardless of grade. Due to natural characteristics of this material every very piece is unique and all pieces received will not be the exact same size, shape, color or look identical as seen in our images. What we do guarantee is that every piece will be spectacular and contain a strong positive energy that can only be found in the Hypnotic Gems® brand of tumbled stone.