USB Pyramid Shaped Salt Lamp with Color Changing Bulb

  • $26.95

The Hypnotic Gems® brand of Premium Salt Lamps starts with top grade salt from a specific mine that we have partnered with in the Himalayan Mountains. The salt used to make these lamps is so pure that it is a food grade salt which is safe for human consumption, and our facility for producing these lamps is registered with the US FDA as a food facility!

This carefully selected premium salt is hand carved by Hypnotic Gem's master craftsmen with precision and consistency into these beautiful natural air purifying salt lamps in a large variety of shapes. When you order you will receive one of these spectacular hand carved lamps which sits firmly on a high quality wooden base which is similar to the lamps shown in our images. When unlit the lamp is a beautiful light pink to orange hue, and once lit up it emminates a warm and serene amber orange colored glow. When turmed on the lamp immediately begins to naturally filter the air with negative ions flowing from the extra pure salt and binding to positively charged dust particles bringing them to the ground and leaving the air fresh. People with asthma will often find that just a couple of these lamps in a room help to reduce or alleviate their systems, since you can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like to maintain the purifying effect for as long as you need.

This premium quality lamp also comes with a UL Certified Cord (not a standard cord) with an on/off switch and a more powerful light bulb which has enhanced brightness.