10 pcs Amethyst and Citrine Points -Small Size

10 pcs Amethyst and Citrine Points -Small Size

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The Hypnotic Gems® brand of Amethyst and Citrine Points you are ordering contain spectacular high energy stones from specific mines in Brazil. When you order you will receive 5 Amethyst and 5 Citrine points for a total of 10 beautiful points. Each point has a very high energy and will be similar to those shown in our images. These amazing points are available here on our website in 10, 30, 60 and 100 piece lots. These stones are perfect for wire wrapping, jewelry making, tumbling, polishing, teaching, reiki, crystal healing, or keeping in their natural form as decorative rocks!

Metaphysical Properties: Amethyst is a very powerful and protective crystal known as the stone of contentment and spirituality. It is a natural stress reliever and has a soothing and relaxing effect while encouraging inner strength. This stone has such a strong energy that it is able to transform negative energy into pure positive energy. Many find that having amethyst close increases their charisma and gives them a more likeable personality when dealing with others.

Citrine is known as the “success stone” promoting success and abundance by assisting in both acquiring and maintaining wealth. It helps enhance both self esteem and self discipline allowing one to decisively make important decisions. It emits a warm and peaceful vibration outward to those nearby and can help overcome depression while opening the mind to intuition. Creativity is enhanced by Citrine as it activates one’s imagination. Citrine is highly protective and never needs cleansing or clearing.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you are ordering 100% natural earth mined stones. Every piece is unique and all pieces received will not be the exact same size, shape, color or look identical as seen in our images. Some points may have full terminations and others may have partial terminations or just color at the tip. What we do guarantee is that every piece will be spectacular and contain a strong positive energy that can only be found in the Hypnotic Gems® brand of stone.