Hand Bagged Rough Stones Mix from Mexico - Natural Stones & Fountain Rocks for Tumbling, Cabbing, Wire Wrapping

  • $23.99

The Hypnotic Gems brand has gone above and beyond to bring you the BEST quality and value in a stone-mix from Mexico. Hypnotic Gems is the ONLY brand where you can be assured that every bag has an amazing variety of materials providing the perfect blend of colors.

Every bag of Rough Stones Mix from Mexico includes multiple pieces of various stone types may include Amethyst, Animal Jasper, Blue Calcite, Brickhouse Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Green calcite, Obsidian, Oceanite, Orange calcite, Pastel Jasper, and many more!

Note: These are natural earth mined stones and every piece of material is unique. All pieces received will not be the exact same size, shape, color shades or look identical to our images. What we do guarantee is that every piece will be spectacular and contain a strong positive energy that can only be found in the Hypnotic Gems brand of stones.

IMPORTANT: The stones in our images are between around 1 inch to 2 inches per piece and have been soaked in water to showcase their true beauty. Each specimen is unique, and you will receive stones similar to the image shown.