Goniatite Stand Up Display Specimens - 6" to 8" Natural Polished Superior Grade Fossils - Collecting, Display Specimen, Curio Cabinets, Fireplace Mantles, Education and Teaching

Goniatite Stand Up Display Specimens - 6" to 8" Natural Polished Superior Grade Fossils

  • $29.99

The Hypnotic Gems® brand of fossils are imported directly from Morocco and hand checked in the USA by our paleontologist. The pieces are sorted by quality and only the top grade pieces are approved to be part of our exclusive Hypnotic Gems Gallery. Each Goniatite stand up display averages 6" to 8" and is perfect for collecting, displaying in curio cabinets, on fireplace mantles, or anywhere else in your home and office. They are also perfect for education and teaching.

Goniatites are an ammonoid cephalopos that lived from around 200-390 million years ago. These creatures possessed an external shell which is divided into chambers filled with gas that gave these creatures buoyancy. Goniatites lived in environments of normal marine salinity and their greatest abundance and diversity appears to have been achieved in deeper offshore and basinal environments.

Metaphysical Properties: Fossils are believe to have numerous metaphysical properties including increasing life span, along with reducing anxiety, stress, and balancing one's emotions. Having fossils near is also believed by many to lower toxins in the body. Fossils help to promote a sense of pride and help with bringing success in business and other financial ventures. Fossils are used by healers and shaman to stimulate the mine and enhance telepathic abilities. The Goniatites are also considered to be a stone of protection which is believed by Feng Shui masters to be associated with the mythical creature "Chi Lin".